Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Developing the Discipline of Writing

In the past, I've had trouble setting for myself goals for writing each day, and actually meeting or exceeding those goals. I have no trouble setting the goals, but it's the doing part that I seem to have trouble with. Even now, I put off writing until the last possible moment. I have to force myself to sit down at my computer and write. It doesn't matter what's going on in the scene I'm writing, those first few minutes are a struggle. Then, after I've forced myself to write a few lines, something almost "magical" happens and the story begins to flow from me. Once I get going, the words come to me faster than I can type them. After that, I usually have a hard time stopping so I can go to bed. For instance, last night I stayed up until 11:30 pm writing because I put off starting until 10:30 pm, but once I started, I didn't want to stop.
This leads me to wonder: why on earth do I have so much trouble each day convincing myself that I actually do want to write that day? The answer: I have no clue, but I need to hurry up and get out of that mindset. Writing is not a chore (usually), it's an adventure, and I love it! :) The remedy I have come up with for now: keep myself accountable, develop a habit of writing a certain amount every day, and remember the feeling of satisfaction I have every time I write something.
Well, I'm off to go seek some adventure! :)

Becca Johnson


chrisd said...

Came by to welcome you to the tour. I'll come back to read your blog about writing. I'm so undisciplined it's not funny.

Anyway, welcome!

Eve said...

Welcome to CSFF blog tour-glad to have you along!

Becky said...

I think you're on the right track, Becca, but I'll let you in on my secret. If I'm having trouble, I start with an intermediate task--critiquing something, then critiquing my work for the day before. Before you know it, I'm back into the story.

Sometimes all I have to do is sit down to read what I wrote in the previous chapter. That can hook me into the story too.

Eventually, with the everydayness of it, it won't seem hard, just something you do.


Rebecca said...

HA, you all are making me laugh. It's ok to have trouble writing - for some people (me, for example) that first draft can be agonizingly hard to create. I have long since given up the "ten page rule" or the "five page" or "on page" (i.e., to write that much each day - hahahaaaaa! as if). I now have the "some progress" rule. As long as I move forward, even if it's one word, I've accomplished what I need to accomplish and tomorrow can be a new day.