Monday, April 23, 2007

Review of "Speck" by John Kuhn

I recently read a short story on the online speculative fiction magazine "Dragons, Knights, & Angels" that I liked so much that I had to talk about it. The title of the short story is "Speck" and it's written by John Kuhn. It's a story of two angels and the humans they have been assigned to help and protect.

The story made me think of angels in a different way than I have before. The angels in the story cared deeply about their humans and rejoiced in their triumphs. It was nice to read a fresh view of angels, instead of the usual serious, cold-feeling ones I have encountered in various other stories.

The main point that I got out of the story is that darkness (evil) is just a speck compared to the light (good). Despite the bad things that happen to us, God turns them around and uses them for good. In the midst of a time when most people would despair, the main human character overcomes his fear and finally fulfills his destiny. I find that inspiring, and encouraging. And when I read the story, I couldn't help but think to myself: "What if he had found the courage to share the good news before now? Think of the good he could have done. Oops...what about me?"

One minus to the story is that it didn't take much for me to figure out what was going to end up happening. Maybe that's what happens when you read mostly Ted Dekker and so become wiser to some foreshadowing, etc. I don't know. I guess you'll have to read the short story and tell me if you guessed the ending early on. :)

You can find "Speck" at DKA Magazine.

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