Thursday, June 7, 2007

Awesome Short Story on The Sword Review

There's an awesome short story on The Sword Review right now. It's called "Singing for the Enemy" by R.A. Gale. I consider this the best story I have ever read on The Sword Review. It's fascinating, exciting, and riveting!

It's about a banished War Bard who is taken captive by her enemies. In this world, singing is used as a weapon, and those who are powerful can control their opponents' bodies.

R.A. Gale's description of the singing is wonderful and engaging! Especially as a singer, I could almost feel what she was describing. I found myself wanting to break out in song at the most climatic moments. :D

And the climatic moments were very well done. The tension was excellent! I was completely in the story, and nothing was going to get me out. :)

I very highly recommend "Singing for the Enemy" to anyone. It's great for fantasy readers, singers, adventure readers, or anyone else. :) If you only read one story on The Sword Review, read this one! It's that good!

Becca Johnson

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Scriptorius Rex said...

I also thought it was especially good.