Sunday, June 24, 2007

Quotes of the Week #5- Movie Heros

1. It must often be so, Sam, when things are in danger: someone must give them up, lose them, so that others may keep them.
-Frodo, from The Return of the King

2. Never. I'll never turn to the Dark Side. You've failed, your highness. I am a Jedi, like my father before me.
-Luke Skywalker, from The Return of the Jedi

3. As you wish.
-Westley, from the Princess Bride

4. Freedom!!!
-William Wallace, from Braveheart

5. Sometimes, to do what's right, we have to be steady and give up the thing we want the most. Even our dreams.
-Peter Parker, from Spider-Man 2

Humorous Quote:

Your Highness, my family is your family. Please, take them away.
-Danielle, from Ever After

Random Quote:

What do you fear, my lady?

A cage. To stay behind bars until use and old age accept them and all chance of valor has gone beyond recall or desire.

You are a daughter of kings, a shieldmaiden of Rohan. I do not think that will be your fate.

-Aragorn and Eowyn, from The Two Towers

Happy adventures!

Becca Johnson

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