Friday, December 19, 2008

Merciless by Robin Parrish, Third in the Dominion Trilogy

I read Merciless, the third in Robin Parrish's Dominion Trilogy a month or so ago. It was a pretty good book, though I preferred the first two in the trilogy (Relentless and Fearless) better.

From the author's website:

The Earth is gone.

Rising in its place is a twisted, barren, dangerous world.

A DarkWorld.

Deep beneath the mountains of Turkey, Grant Borrows has fallen to his doom. But when something crawls out of the place where he fell -- something dark and merciless with unrestrained power -- it proclaims itself "Oblivion" and begins molding the planet into this DarkWorld.

But who or what is Oblivion? Is it Grant Borrows, returned from the dead? Or is it something more sinister -- something no human ever imagined possible?

As Grant's remaining friends finally learn the ultimate truth behind the events that have shaped their lives, they secretly gather for one last battle -- a final showdown between good and evil that will prove to every soul on earth that even in the bitterest twilight, when all is lost...

Hope still lives.

-This book was filled with a lot of darkness, and very little hope. There is hope from time to time, but sometimes it's hard to find.
-I think I found more grammar mistakes and typos.

-The battle at the end of the book was really good. It had a lot of action, was interesting, and the different ways characters' powers could be used was well thought out.
-Speaking of that, I loved watching the different ways the author came up with for the characters to use their powers. Not only that, but sometimes two or more characters were used together in ways that were cool or creative.
-I knew something was going on at the end, but I wasn't quite sure how it would work out. I can't say much more without giving the surprise away, but I think the author managed to write a good one.

Once again, I recommend this book to people who like lots of action, superhero characters, and speculative fiction in general. Just make sure the darkness in the book doesn't get you depressed or feeling hopeless about the ending of the trilogy. There is hope. :)

Becca Johnson


Adrian said...

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Becca Johnson said...

I'm so sorry. :( I'm not that Becca Johnson. I really hope you find her though. :D Have a really good day. :)


Alexander Field said...

I just saw this book in the bookstore, and it looked like the kind of book I would enjoy reading. Thanks for the reveiw. : )

Becca Johnson said...

You're welcome, Alexander! I'm so glad I could help you! :D

-Becca Johnson