Friday, February 4, 2011

Pieces of Words #1

I’ve decided to do a variation on the weekly quotes I used to post. What I have in mind will be called Pieces of Words and will sometimes be posted more often than once a week, sometimes less often. It depends on if I find some good pieces. These posts will be collections of words from songs, poems, stories, blogs, other nonfiction, etc. that I thought were beautiful, that touched me, that stuck out to me, or that made me think. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? So, here’s my first Pieces of Words post. Enjoy!


"And when you’re finally in My arms, you’ll look up and see love has a face. And I will be your hope." –"Not Alone" by RED

"You’re not so far that I can’t get to where you are." –"Invisible" by Disciple


"He infected it."
"With a disease?"
"A desire. And desire can be a disease, Claudia."
-The Warden and Claudia from Sapphique by Catherine Fisher


"Maybe every breath we take is the outcome of the breath we took before it." –Joy in her blog post life beside the silverscreen.

Happy adventures!

Becca Johnson

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