Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pieces of Words #2

Pieces of Words posts are collections of quotes that I come across that are beautiful, amuse me, make me look at something differently, or stick with me. Today, I have quotes from a song, a movie, and a sermon. Enjoy!


"We can be who we are. Now we are alive. We can fight. They cannot contain us. It’s who we are. We are undying. We won’t hide our faces from the light. Eliminate the space between us. It’s who we are. We are forever." –"Who We Are" by RED


"Destiny is not the path that's given to us, but the path that we choose for ourselves." –Megamind


"Unbelief forces me to live in thirst within the reach of water." –Pastor Bill Johnson of Bethel Church

Do you have any quotes you've heard or read over the past few days that you'd like to share? Please feel free to leave them in the comments. I love reading what people find.

Becca Johnson


miruialiel.eternalprincess said...

Oliver: "Was it even real for her?"

Nikita: "You were the only real thing in her life. We all wear masks. Everyone, everyday. Sometimes we wear them so much we forget who we really are. Sometimes, if we're lucky, someone comes along and shows us who we really want to be; who we should be. You were that for her."

Becca Johnson said...

Thank you! That's a great quote, and I love that show. :D

-Becca Johnson