Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Restorer, by Sharon Hinck

Last night, at 12:15 am, I finished reading Sharon Hinck's fantasy book The Restorer! I read it in only two days, which I haven't done in a very long time! It was such a good book! I'll wait to post a review of it until the CSFF Blog Tour features it next month, but it was an awesome book! :)

My favorite character was Kieran! I liked him from the moment he was introduced into the book! For some reason, I always have to tell people who my favorite characters are. I think it's because characters are what make a book great for me (along with other things, of course), and in a good book I feel like I get to know them. :)

This book is fast-paced, and gets you right into the story. It does a very good job of surprising you too. So many things happened that I never expected.

The second book of The Sword of Lyric comes out in October. It's called The Restorer's Son. I can't wait to buy it! From the first chapter provided in the back of The Restorer, the second book is going to be even better! If that's possible. :D

So there are my excited ramblings that come right after finishing a great book! :) You can buy The Restorer on Amazon.com! I very highly recommend it! :) You can also visit Sharon Hinck's website, or check out Sharon Hinck's blog and say, "Hi!" :) Have fun reading!

Becca Johnson


everlastingscribe said...

Yay! That's the first non-bookselling website review by a fan that I've read about the "Restorer" and I need to get myself in gear and read it for myself. It's always better when you actually have read the book and can tell customers that you liked it instead of saying ''It has a pretty cover and it's thick" ;)

Becca Johnson said...

LOL! :D I'm glad I could help you. :)
You know, it really does make a difference to me when the person checking me out at the bookstore tells me that the book I picked out is a good one. It's like a confirmation. :) And I figure it must be good if the person who has access to so many books recommended this one. :)
Have fun during the tour and say, "Hi," to Sharon for me please. :)

Becca Johnson