Tuesday, November 27, 2007

CSFF Blog Tour- Scarlet by Stephen R. Lawhead

This month, the CSFF Blog Tour is featuring Stephen R. Lawhead's Scarlet, the second book in the King Raven Trilogy.

After searching for some time, Will Scarlet finds King Raven's band of men and earns a place among them. He fights with them to help the villagers under the invading Normans. Soon, Scarlet is thrown in prison and sentenced to hang for a crime he did not commit. He tells his story to a scribe while he waits for either death or rescue.

-At first, the changes from first-person present, to first-person past, to third-person past, and back again confused me and threw me off, but the story soon sucked me in and I no longer noticed.

-Occasionally, the descriptions would go on for what felt like too long, and my attention would begin to slip. That might be because I am often an impatient reader, but I still think some of the descriptions could have been shorter.

-I really fell in love with the main character of this book, Scarlet. Something about the way he expresses himself and his personality really appealed to me. I felt very attached to him, and I think that seeing most of the story from his point-of-view really contributed to that.

-Lawhead does an excellent job of making the reader feel like they really are in Wales while all of this is happening. His descriptions pull you in with their beauty and excellent sensory details.

-Lawhead did a great job of making me hate the bad guys in the book. Injustice really gets to me, and these guys displayed the pinnacle of injustice. I like books that have bad guys I can really despise. It's more fun that way. :P

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Live the adventure!

Becca Johnson

Friday, November 23, 2007

50,000 Words Reached!

I reached 50,000 words in my work-in-progress (WIP) tonight! :D I'm so excited! I have at least 30,000 words left to go, and this book is getting more and more interesting. Every day, I fall in love with the characters and world just a little bit more. It's fun! :P

Loving the adventure of writing in Him,
Becca Johnson

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Relentless by Robin Parrish, First in the Dominion Trilogy

I recently read Fearless by Robin Parrish. The book is the first in the Dominion Trilogy. It was a really good book! The plot moved quickly, and I found the characters engaging.

I can't say much without giving stuff away, but I can tell you that this is about a man named Grant who steps off the bus one day and sees himself walking down the street. He finds out that he has switched bodies and lives with someone else, and it seems that there are many groups of people involved in this and/or out to get him.

-There were some grammar and spelling mistakes.
-A few plot points seem to be forgotten and left behind.
-Focused a lot on action, which I liked, but might bother those who prefer books with more low points.

-Fast-paced action. Some really great action scenes, especially at the end.
-Interesting characters. The ones I found most intriguing were: Grant, Hannah, Alex, and Payton.
-Engaging plot. Parrish created a good amount of mystery and suspense throughout the novel that kept the pages turning. He also thought of some very cool stuff for the plot and characters (once again, I can't say much for fear of giving anything away).

Overall, I recommend this book to people who like speculative fiction, stories about superheros, or fast-moving books.

Also, I recommend visiting Robin Parrish's website. He has a blog, a graphic novel that happens in between the events of Relentless and Fearless (the second book in the trilogy), and lots of other fun stuff! :D

Live the adventure to its fullest!

Becca Johnson