Wednesday, January 5, 2011

CSFF Blog Tour: The Wolf of Tebron by C.S. Lakin- A Musical Thought

The CSFF Blog Tour's featured book this month is The Wolf of Tebron by C.S. Lakin. My review is coming next, but I wanted to post this music-related thought separately.

Tonight, I was reading the last third of the book, swept up in the adventure and wanting to reach the final chapters so I could know how everything was resolved. As I was nearing the end of the book, I grabbed my iPod so I could listen to music while I read. I felt like listening to RED, one of my favorite bands, so I selected a song of theirs that sounded good. I chose “Shadows.” And once it started playing, I realized how good it was for what I was reading. After listening more closely to the lyrics, I wondered if C.S. Lakin had ever heard this song. Some of it reminds me a lot of the story. If you’ve read the book, you might see what I mean when you read these lyrics:

The sun has set
I close my eyes
I pretend everything’s alright
Drowning in anger from all these lies
I can’t pretend everything’s alright
Please don’t let me fall forever
Can you tell me it’s over now?

There’s a hate inside of me
Like some kind of master
I try to save you but I can’t
Find the answer
I’m holding on to you
I’ll never let go
I need you with me as I enter
The shadows

Caught in the darkness
I go blind
Can you help me find my way out?
Nobody hears me. I suffer the silence
Can you tell me it’s over now?

I’m holding on to you
I’m holding on to you

What do you think, those of you who've read the book?

Becca Johnson


Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Oh, yeah, I can most definitely see parallels. Very interesting!


Becca Johnson said...

Awesome! I'm glad someone else can see it. :) I will probably think of the book anytime I listen to the song now. :)